WYMO lyrics

Title: WYMO
Album: The Anomaly
Producer: Wreckless Beats



Not trying to make you party. I just work your mental out.

Infinite's the anomaly. I go a different route.


Verse 1

I'm respected in the streets, but better known as a scholar, 

Graduated from the House. My lyrics are top dollar.

It's been said that I rap like folks is chasing

But I rhyme to represent the hopes of a nation

Called Hip Hop. For too long it's been neglected

By emcees whose lyrics seem disconnected.

The hood loves me cuz I recognize their plight.

The burbs know I'm the man built to rise and fight

For their place in the pantheon. Yo got damn he's on. 

I'm no legend but this John is gonna get his Grammy on.

My place in history is to erase the misery

Of fans who've been sans professional delivery.

I'm simply a little bit different than most.

So I rip for the folks who never really got close 

To being a star like T.O. and so I promised them yo

Every time that I flow, all systems are go.


Verse 2

I'm just trying to represent those in the talented tenth.

All my, people trying to cultivate their inner strength

U can thug it, U can G it, but your mind, can U free it.

U got goals; they got holes. Rise above them; U can be it.

Don't need shackles and ships if they want to enslave us.

We're addicted to the product of the Bureau of Engraving

We got bad credit and can't deal with the pressure.

But put metal in our mouth so we feel precious.

We want to be Big Wills so we just buy big wheels.

We're spending them big bills, but live with our kin still.

No plans to move out like Bush in Baghdad. 

I digress. We've already had that

Con-ver-sation and speaking of which.

Conversate is not a word, yeah you heard me trick.

Converse is what you mean. I'm off topic again.

Oh well. It's time for the chorus to drop again.Verse 3

That's how they get yall when shit falls in pitfalls.

They make your shit stall and then the crypt calls.

I avoided the snares like a track that's all synths.

I'm no one trick pony. I'm good at all lengths.

I represent all tenths cuz I use my art

To make America have a little change of heart. 

My hope is to help yall change your conscious.

Most times you're bombarded by repetitive nonsense.

Want to show the hood they don't have to hold a mic

Sell rocks or play ball to control their flight.

Just in-crease your knowledge cuz, we got our own colleges.

Your blue chip talent could return the balance to

The breeding grounds where we have found a foundation.

Whether they like it or not, it's gonna be a brown nation.

I'm trying to do my part by having relations

With black, white, yellow, Puerto Rican and Haitians.


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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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