Birthright lyrics


We drop bombs in the booth. Check the flow for proof.

We spit a verse tight. You'd swear rap's our birthright.(echo)


Verse 1

Rap's not my birthright but with all this skill.

It's like my grandpops left it for me in his will.

And he was gone before I came so I had it at birth.

I was dribbling syllables down Garanimals shirts. 

I'm way beyond sick and J is ill on the terminals

We stay burning like grills on Memorial.

Not from DC but I'm Captain America 

You fast twitch crabs get passed in this marathon.

We got a streak of hits, longer than them feature flicks.

Flow old school like my shell-toed sneaker tips

I'm sort of like a freak with this, surely you agree that it's

A matter of time till we're awarded with the keys to this.

Already locked though, been blown the spot yo.

Bars by the bulk. Might spot them up in Costco.

Music stays funky to your ears and your nostrils

Aint hard to find, just follow where the props go.


Verse 2

Deoxyribonucleic acid

Is the number one item on my list of assets.

Born a winner. Yes I am trying to brag.

I used to chase my dreams, but nowadays we play tag.

Now I can go stag and still dance till dawn.

And when I don't show they claim the feeling is gone.

Yeah  they're feeling me mom! Holla at your middle boy.

Told you one day I'd get paid for making a little noise.

Join the nation where the citizenry

Loves real Hip Hop and they get it from me.

And rebukes those who said that this music is dead.

Cuz they knew what I could do when I came through with my pen.

Considered Jewish to them. Flows of the chosen.

Foretold by omen and known as a showman.

Daddy was a soldier but I've grown into a shogun.

Son of an angel with a halocentric slogan.


Verse 3

We got lines every where like polygraph tests.

We aint worried bout your crew, they probably have breasts(bitches)

Lil puff & pass rappers. Your flows are half-pipe.

Don't act right? If found they'll be checking your half-life.

Deeply embedded in my code of genetics

Is a flow that has grown to be known for kinetics.

We move the masses with brand new classics.

Mr. J on the beat. He's the man with magic.

I'm so Worthy when I sky like Jabbar

Big man going far cuz I ball like Lamar.

Got the, versatility to lead the break

Or work the pivot while I'm giving emcees the shake.

We bang blocks to Bangkok, but no we don't slang rocks

Here homey; we're the one who make flames hot.

Ya dame's got, me and the squad in her iPod.

You can't touch us. You came on some crutches.


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