Boyz In The Burbs lyrics

Title: Boyz in the Burbs
Album: Late To The Party
Producer: Mr. J



The boyz in the burbs aint trying to be hard

But come talking that trash and we'll pull your card.

Yeah I gotta good life and aint throwing up sets.

But don't test me boy, cuz I'll ruin your rep.

Verse 1

Lunch room is the scene. Rob got there first.

We've been boys since sixth grade. He's seen my best and worst.

I was bout to go ham. It was taco salad Tuesday.
I was bugging out. I heard a shout. What did dude say?

My boy's involved so I moved at a fast speed.

As I arrived I heard someone call him half-breed.

Blood curdling. I should murder them.

He was talking about my clique? Man the nerve of him.

Oh you got jokes? You want to start something?

When they ask you to read why you start mumbling?

I'm impressed that you came up with half-breed.

This half-brain bamma can't even half read.

When you sound it out. It reminds me of Steve Hawking

Beat boxing. Yeah you read awesome.

Think you're tough cuz your neighborhood's bad man?

I think you read like the like the kid who thinks he's Batman.


Verse 2

I'm not a tough guy, but some of them have found.

You can find a beatdown outside of downtown.

Posh locations aint an open invitation

To, be getting  like there's no limit to my patience.

Who you trying to bully? Aint nobody shook boy.

Instead of running down my fam, read a book boy.

Oh wait! I forgot, you can't can you?

Your pops won't help you out cuz he can't stand you.

He doesn't even know you. What a lucky dude!

I bet your baby pics put your mom in a sucky mood.

She probably wishes she could drop you on your head again.

I hope you're mad I'm giving you your own medicine.

Let me stop though. Rob come on lets dip.

Cowards like him are known to try and set trip.

We don't want problems like he don't want to read aloud.

Look at his clenched fist, furrow in his unabrow.

Didn't come to school to fight. I aint trying to get suspended.

Gotta game Friday night and I intend to be up in it.

Back down? I don't have to run from of you.

Your reading level's back down around one or two.


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