If I Want To lyrics

Title: Late To The Party
Album: If I Want To
Producer: Mr. J



I will live every day on the brink.

If want to.

Dance, party, and drink.

If want to.

Throw up,  Pass Out, and repeat.

If want to. If I want to.  If I want to.

I could take a flying leap from the roof

If I want to.

Ride out with my crew.

If I want to.

Start a fire in this booth.

If I want to.  If I want to.  If I want to.


Verse 1

I live a good life, but I am not rich.

I've got a day job, that I will not quit.

I went from unknown to my city's top pick.

The talent crop is thick so we never stop to sit.

Working man's ethics. College grad game plan. 

We have fun everyday, but we aint playing.

That's word to Rogaine. I'm doper than your cocaine

I aint racing bullets but I could've dated Lo Lane.

Super. Like my options on the daily.

My academic training makes it possible to say we

Are living alright. My learning led to earning.

But I am steady churning, turnt up when your turn in.   

8 to 5 ?John Henry. 5 to 8?  Billy Foster

Accept no imposters. I'm like Jesse and Rasta.

That's 1 of 1. Custom made.

I'm doing what I want to. Every day.


Verse 2

I handle my business so please stay out of mine.

That is so out of line and you don't want to find

A brother like me as your adversary.

That's worse than scary, like a condom breaking free.

Whoa! You don't want that kind of strife.

I know you're not too bright but you don't want that in your life.

I'm way too grown to fight. I'm normally the type

To make sure that your pockets are the opposite of right.

I'm wrong for that but I'm known for that.

You was getting money with me? Well so long to that.

I'm the one with the people and with people comes power.

You oppose us then you've chosen to go and get devoured

But that aint what this track is s'posed to be about.

We are out, here doing sewing up the seeds of doubt.

Writing pages, wrecking stages cuz the flow is so contagious.

Making N.O.I.S.E. everyday just buzzing like we was cicadas.

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