Epitaph lyrics

Title: Epitaph

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Sean Divine



If Hip Hop is dead, I believe in ghosts.

I call them Common, Talib Kweli, and Mos.

If Hip Hop is dead then I'm just like BIG

Cuz I'm, ready to die so my music can live.

Hip Hop aint dead you need to check your facts.

You've been listening to too many industry cats.

Hip Hop aint dead it just hides from you

And resurfaces every time I slide in the booth.


Verse 1

Perhaps your radio is a little too commercial

Hip Hop is all around like athletes named Herschel.

I listen to J5 and a little LB

But still deal with bammas running up to tell me

You hear that new Nelly shit that he did with Tim

When I grow up I want to be just like him.

Come on man! Get the fuck out my face.

I'll listen to that when Suge goes to church with Mase.

Real emcees getting spins well that would take a miracle.

Radio rappers are oh so predictable.

Begin with a party track or some hood anthem.

Mention cocaine and that you own a Phantom.

Turn off you radio and go to my show.

Put your middle finger up and say show me your flow.

Then homey you'll know the culture is alive and well.

You can get it in stores but it's not for sale.


Verse 2

I'm a rebel with a pen and the cause is clear.

Somebody said there wasn't any Hip Hop here.

"No they didn't." Yeah you're right, but what they said

Was that they felt like real Hip Hop was dead.

But when you hear Rockefeller you don't think of John D.

You think of Kanye and his boss Jay-Z.

And though they might call Detroit rock city.

D-town makes me think of the lion who got 50.

And everybody knows that the Yankees got fans.

But even the boss knows, B.I.G. was the man.

And I haven't even mentioned that VA turf.

But that would mean Sean Divine  would have to add a third verse.

If the Jedi do their Mind Tricks, I can get my fix

"Who's the best emcee?" KRS gets my pick.

As long as Aesop can Rock and the Elements stay Natural.

Hip Hop, won't ever be on sabbatical.


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