Guidelines lyrics

Title: Guideliness

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Wreckless Beats


Verse 1

The radio is filled with gangstas turned rappers.

Now the underground's brimming with emcees turned mattress

Dudes with actual skillz getting slept on,

Like an 8 o'clock class. Gotta make this stop fast.

I was born at the beginning and I'm up to the task.

Guidelines to the future's a gateway to the past.

No mp3s. Just tapes is all we he had 

Mobile music was a dude with his boombox on blast.

Now every kid hopping on mics is claiming some hood.

Some hot. Some not. Some good. 

Didn't use to be about your background,

But now it's who got shot and who got gats now.

Who got stacks now? Or who work trapts now?

Not who moves the crowd, but who moves packs now.

Enough with the fables. The folks want facts now.

I rep for the lyricists. We're never gonna back down.


Verse 2

I keep my flows untouchable like Elliot Ness.

I'm following the lead of the mighty KRS.

I spit that real Hip Hop no pop pretenders.

I'll go through ya block like I'm chopping cinder.

I won't trash my thesis to get cash increases.

My plan is to push rap past this feces

That currently infects it

By deterring the NEXT kid

From being 90 promotion and 10 dir-REC-tion

I got, words to serve. You can't match my dialogue.

You talk about your chain and how you blast firearms like

Bobby I'm digital.  You bammas are analog.

You got a few lines, but I got a whole catalog

When I step to your face, you hoes will scatter off cuz I'm

Repping that BASE. We devour foes at all costs.

When you crowd my plate, I'm brushing you batters off.

I keep it hot like griddles with these riddles I rattle off.


Verse 3

I'm Mike Vick slash AI meets David Robinson.

When your boy gets in the game, there aint no stopping him.

I got military discipline. Shooter's mentality. And

Revamped the position at which I make my salary.

I'm Kobe on the mic. My attack is relentless. 

Lean my 8 to the side then embarrass defenses.

I used to ride the pine like Jordan in high school.

And when I got in the game, the crowd was spiteful.

I had to fight boos. I thought it was quite rude.

But now I'm on stage and they're like, "you're tight dude.

My vertical was suspect so I switched games.

Now my verbal a suspect every time you see flames.

The usual response to these bars I spit, is

"Infinite dropped another song? Awww shit!"

I aint spitting on the mic so I can rep my hood.

I just, do what do cuz got dammit I'm good.



This is how we do it. This is how we do it.

This is how we do it. Grab the mic and spit that fluid.

This is how we do it. This is how we do it.

This is how we do it. Work that track until it's fluid.


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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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