Match My Focus lyrics

Title: Match My Focus
Album: Late To The Party
Producer: Mr. J


Not a brown chick. Just a down chick.

Someone cool, who I can clown around with.

But when it's time to grind, she's the first to notice.

I need a girl who can match my focus.

You aint gotta be a white chick. Just the right chick.

A girl that isn't looking for someone to fight with.

And when it's time to grind, she's the first to notice.

I need a girl who can match my focus.


Verse 1

I was at the mall getting fresh, new tees and Adidas.

I was leaving when this girl gave me looks that said meet her.

Her onion was redic; jeans showed her thong perfectly.

Tight sweater with the letters of her university.

She said "I don't normally do this,

But you seem like the type looking for more than screwing."

Baby girl you couldn't be more correct.

What good is your heart if I don't have your respect?

Let me spit some game at you. I don't have to rehearse it.

You don't have to be perfect, but you have to be worth it.

A lot of ladies think they want to be down. 

But when they see my work ethic, they aint trying to be 'round.

Cuz my nights on the town aren't for dinner and plays.

For me to win at this game, I gotta build up my name.

See, I can be your man but I can't be your life.

If you're needy for attention then you can't be my wife.


Verse 2

If you want Superman to throw his cape around

Ladies please keep it tight with what you're thinking now.

I can't set sail with an anchor down.

Whether you're cream, half & half, or Sanka brown.

Your color doesn't matter at all

To me the key is how your gray matter evolves.

If your plan for your future includes lottery balls.

Hope you like first dates. Won't be a lot of recalls.

You gon be stuck in that Toyota and

I'm about collective wisdom like that Yoda man.

If you aint adding to the force, it adds up to divorce

And that aint in my course. 

Sorry baby. No time for the slacking ma'am.

My late start means I got fast track it fam.

I need cheese like a Green Bay Packer fan.

The color of money's the only one factoring.


Verse 3

On the block with that work, I was slinging that B.A.S.E.

And I aint talking bout the kind that puts a freeze on your face.

Blue Ford cruised through like it was meaning to race.

A little hottie hopped out thinking I was gone chase.

Nah! Not me. I was on that money march.

And I have never been the one to tug on funny parts.

Humorous? Maybe, but numerous ladies cut

Me out the frame when they see what's on my brain. 

She did a double take. I call it the Kelis.

Shorty had a milkshake worth calling the police.

Haven't seen a senorita with a swing that is sweeter

But I need a little sub to go along with my tweeter.

You follow me? Rewind till you get the light.

Back to the story. She could sense I was a different type.

Saw my net was meant for more than what, I could get tonight.

Told me she would work the plate as long I kept pitching right.


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