Murk lyrics

Title: Murk

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Mr. J



There's no doubt that I can serve you.

There's no defense when my flow circles.

Everyone knows stones can hurt you

But there are times when words can murk you.


Verse 1

I'm not a kingpin. I don't have gold in my grill.

But what I do have is about three times your skill.

And three times your will. So my unsigned status.

Won't keep me from holding a mic apparatus.

I aint running up on labels begging to get signed.

I'm chasing bylines to buy studio time. 

Every game I cover gets me closer to

Exactly what I been saying I'm s'posed to do.

Bring a message to the party and some fun to the thinkers.

Beat the system. Make fans run from the bleachers.

I come from a teacher and I'm a soldier's son.

I'm a dangerous weapon even when I aint holding one.

I gotta chin of granite and sponge-like mind.

Could have been a politician with a tongue like mine.

I aint Barak Obama. I'm Hip Hop's Osama.

Blowing up like TNT cuz I know Drama.



I don't suggest you rush up, 

Your rhymes need a touch up.

It would behoove you to hush up

Or I'm a have to do the dang thing and let the clutch up.

Verse 2

You cats are speed bumps and I got 4X4.

You need more men like them dudes going door by door.

My clique is on the rise like DHL.

We're locking you goons out like the NHL.

Don't count on us losing. That's a bad bet man.

We're on center court and it's game, set, match (man).

I read my foes quickly like bar codes on lasers.

I always stay sharp like hard cheddar and razors.

My voice is unstrainable. My style is untrainable.

My goals are attainable because I'm insane with flow.

My status as baddest on the mic apparatus

Aint really hard to fathom, it's just simple mathematics.

Add one strong voice to a crystal clear purpose.

Plus a mind capable of going way beneath the surface.

Multiply that by the tracks I'm creating and 

If you still can't see I'm a beast, YOU'RE HATING!

Verse 3

Used to think my versatility held back my progress

Like I was doing too much but that was nonsense.

All these hustles and all these grinds

I scald these beats with all these lines.

Cold ones. Hot ones. Intricate plot ones.

I even got a few blow up the mutha fuckin spot ones.

I curse with clarity, flirt with vulgarity.

Fall in love with a beat and by the hook it wants to marry me.

Scarily I keep on improving

Flow like Amoeba D, cuz I keep on moving. 

Towards milestones. I'm the illest on any bill I'm on. 

This album is the hottest since Mike made that Thriller song.

Feel me Holmes? Then cop this drop.

I stay on that raw like Straw and Doc.

While you kiddies are out wildin past your curfew

I'm cooking up a track to attack and murk you.


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