Conditional Love lyrics

Title: Conditional Love

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Ansane


Verse 1

Am I still a black man if I date a white girl?

Am I still your brother if I sport a jherri curl?

Do I get props if I have no hops?

Do I get the silent treatment if I say I like cops?

If I listen to Sublime, instead of Busta Rhymes

Pass up the Flip Mode and rock Lisa Loeb

Do we remain kinfolk or am I the butt of your jokes?

If my game is on the greens, not selling it in Queens?

Would I be seen, like refried beans?

As a catalyst, for fecal matter

Left out of the action like a stranded batter.

Would you still serve me up on very hot platter?

Would the wall between us get a little bit fatter?

Would I have to endure your backbiting chatter?

And the way you overanalyze all my verbal data?

Would the fabric of our existence begin to tatter?


Verse 2

If I don't think Christianity is white man's insanity

And curb my self-love with a fear of vanity

Would you greet me with love or a slew of profanity?

If I don't go to church every single Sunday

Would you send me on a trip and make it only one way.

If my academic goals don't include 4.0s

Would you throw the book at me and tell me where I can go.

If I wear a short skirt would you call me a hoe?

Would you label me a slut if I just can't say no?

If I hate soul food, and still say dude,

If tea's the only liquid that I ever drink brewed,

Would you give me dirty looks like I said something crude?

If I don't get excited about your girly things,

Would tell me where to put the engagement ring?

Would you make fun of me if I had pimples on my face?

Would you break up with me because I named my crew B.A.S.E.?


Verse 3

If I busted wack rhymes, would I still get airtime?

If my live show was wack, would you want your money back?

If I couldn't write a verse, would my career be in a hearse?

If I sold out and went pop, would your patronage stop?

Can I be a dope MC if I'm not from NY?

Can have stage presence if my dress isn't fly?

Can I promote equality and only hang out with blacks?

Can we start a new country if we don't like your tax?

If only God can judge me, why I am I on trial?

I get top marks for lyrics but not as high on style.

If my flow is on point and I'm riding these beats,

Why yall still asking me, why aint you repping the streets?

What's with Hip Hop's infatuation with the hood?

If that's our focus our maturation aint good. 

If the hood's so good, why is everybody leaving?

And if I love me some me does that make me conceited?



I'm a I'm a victim of I'm a I'm a victim of conditional love.


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