Ingredient lyrics

Title: Ingredient ft. Joe Stu

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


Hook - Infinite Skillz

Mix a pound of hard work with every two bits of talent .

In a bowl of silly flow. Let it simmer till it's balanced.

Then you must blend in a little stage presence.

The ingredients for wins. Enjoy the taste of them.

Verse 1 - Joe Stu

The words I flip tend to go over heads so much that they used to reserve airplane tickets get it

well I admit that's a little quick with it

but most couldn't understand if a midget came with it listen

I'm one of the best to rock as if Jimi Hendrix came back on tracks and smoked crack cocaine

ironic cause Jimi had a rock band

get it forget it man that's exactly what I'm saying

being colorful with words died out with bleached hair stains

nowadays I gotta be pre-school simple and plain

in order to bounce I gotta under pronounce

listen let me announce a new regime

heavy weighted over a ton like dude that lived next to Regine,

Khadijah, Max, Sinclair, and that other chap

dirty words coming cleaner than your local laundromat

pass me the pill I go through i like a running back

mack truck flow and i tend to leave you under that

whenever it comes to rap

I'm the only dude that can leave the crowd screaming out ho like they thundercats 

now fuck with that

Verse 2 - Infinite Skillz

I rep all real emcees, but I got flows myself.

First pick in the draft? I chose myself.

Fat boy can fill it up but I aint talking bout baskets.

Fast break on the mic; I'm running game on you bastards.

Go head ask us. Won't say we're the best to do it.

But if you're trying to keep pace, invest in fluids.

We make your chest go through it; feels something like a cardiac

Arrest and I'm certain that you want no part of that.

I tried to tell 'em Joe; the squad's Honolulu.

The way we control tracks is similar to voodoo.

And when it comes to beats, Burning German is a guru.

Consistent with the hits like the kid called Musial

We're deed restricted; yall aint even in the neighborhood.

I'm less than impressed by the rappers that you say are good.

Don't understand how you think they're nice

Couldn't spit a sick flow if they tongue-kissed lice.

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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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