Dixie lyrics

Title: Dixie

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Mr. J


Verse 1

I'm the, son of a southern man, son of soldier.

You're a son of a bigot that likes to hold on.

To the symbol of a time, when hate was an institution.

When dark skin was due cause for death by execution.

Used to go with my Grandpa when he was cleaning buildings.

Saw his face when they treated us both like children.

Still I try to get along with all of God's people. 

I even treat the ones that call Him Allah as my equal.

But when yall sport the flag, it makes me want to crap on you

Like wearing a "Free McVeigh" shirt in the OK capital.

Your prejudice breeds hate

And those terrorist states.

But I'm a communist if I bring this up in debates.

If you really want to show some southern charm.

Stop waving old Dixie like you got slaves on your farm

That banner you wave is a flag of treason.

So tell me my southerners, what's the reason.

Is that your history? Is that your heritage?

Do you really want to sport that on the back of carriages?

What's to be proud about deracinating people?

Assassinating people. Telling blacks that they aint equal.


Verse 2

My point is not to anger, but to educate.

I'm trying to elevate. Help yall levitate.

The South needed free labor to sustain their economics

So if coin over country is what you really honor

Go ahead and pay your homage to the almighty dollar

If it's money or your momma just give a rebel holla

But before you slit her throat and take money out her pocketbook.

Take a break for a minute. You got plenty time to stop and look.

We determined States rights when we made the transformation

To Constitution from Articles of Confederation 

Rep your block, rep your hood, rep your state whatever

But don't defend discrimination, Yall should know better.

I've got good reasons to be verbally accosting ya

You don't see German citizens rocking swastikas

You don't see Brits, Still getting pissed.

Cuz the colonies told them to take their tea and hit the bricks.

But for every practice skipped by Allen Iverson

I heard somebody say "the South will rise again"

But it never fell like the Weebles people.

The Civil War was to ensure we're treated equal


Verse 3 

I know you think it's cool. I know you think I'm tripping.

I know you think if I was white, I'd be thinking different.

Greed-based discrimination was the cause and still is

The reason why we lose so many of our kids.

They fall in a darkness called materialism.

The backbone of economic imperialism

You can keep the oval the office.

And your skull and bones offers

Just keep your shackles off us.

We can be our own bosses.

Thank you Russell Simmons, Magic and Bob Johnson.

Thank you Sean Carter. Your examples are awesome.

The trade aint over, I see slaves everyday.

People getting a step closer to their graves everyday.

I don't wade in the water; I make waves everyday. 

Many laid the foundation so I can pave a new way.

To a HIGHER plain, with this HIGH octane

Flow that goes slow but shows I'm HIGHly trained.

The flag stands for treason, ignorance and hate

Not the pride and the heritage of the Southern states

I had to write this song to show yall the truth in it.

That so-called states' rights had nothing to do with it.


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