We Do This lyrics

Title: We Do This ft. F.a.T

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


I do this. I, I, I do this. (We Do This)

We do this. We, we do this. (I do this.)

I do this. I, we, we do this.

We make good music. That's why the people choose it.

Verse 1

Sending me notes all day tugging on my loins.

Saying you love my style but won't put down coins.

Now how should I respond to that.

It takes more than kind words to get me on a track.

And I aint even trying to be conceited

But employers don't pay workers just cuz they need it.

If I provide a service I expect compensation

If you have no dough you'll only get conversation.

And that's all you want anyway

I'm charming you're Charmin. I'll shit on yall any day.

I know I'm supposed to be humble.

But it's hard when the so-called close to me fumble.

And I'm still in the pocket, jersey so clean.

Scramble for the first when it's 4th and fourteen.

Breaking tackles and ankles; I worked the whole team.

Got my beast on with cleats on; feels like I'm floa-ting

Verse 2

I get paid for my essays and I aint been near a border

I move humans so I guess you could say I'm sort of

In the business of trafficking

With this music that descended from Africans

Brought my show to the hood like Magic

Imagine a hit streak longer than Joseph DiMaggio

Or maybe Houston. I rocket to the finish line.

No drugs needed. B-Mac can't diminish mine.

I'm like them tennis lines. Fit on any surface.

Bang blocks like I'm boxing; hit em for their purses.

I'm using verses but this is not a sermon.

You will not see me but my team has got a German.

Haters no like but their girlfriends love it

Cuz we spit so hard but we live warm and fuzzy.

Swag's off the charts. Want to know why I'm bragging?

Let's just say my drawstring aint the cause of my sagging.

Verse 3 - F.a.T

We do this every day like "Pay me boy"

base inc is real talk ya'll got baby toys

base inc be makin hits ya'll just makin noise

and you know you aint got it stop fakin boys

Its so ridiculous, base inc is killin shit

steady makin moves, all about the business bitch

we hope you read the manuscript cuz we

got plans that be bigger than atlantic ships

Bitch made, switch styles like a switch blade

rich thoughts got me thinkin that I oughtta switch mades

Get a bigger badder bitch that just got some tits made

I been steady grindin since I got a mic in 10th grade

It's so incredible, only flow thats been edible

My quotables explodable i'm holy on this pedestal

We do this, like who this? The sickest, the crew is?

Base INC!  Prolly shoulda knew this.

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