Weak Shit lyrics

Title: Weak Shit ft. F.a.T

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J



Keep your tracks to yourself.

Cuz yall be on that weak shit.

It's bad for my health.

Cuz yall be on that weak shit.

Call me a hater or whatever helps you sleep quick.

The truth is, that yall be on that weak shit.

Weak shit (echo)  Yall be on that weak shit.

Verse 1

It's not a fat joke to say I carry a lot of weight.

Only rapper in this city booking shows out of state.

Good for you if you do. Then don't take it as a diss.

Take it as my way of saying that you bammas don't exist.

Yall go to open mics. We shut down shows.

Score every time out. Got them touchdown flows.

Every time I hit the stage, they're shouting out my name.

When they see you flow live, they ask why they came.

If yall mean business, then I mean monopolies.

Cuz the government's the only thing stopping me.

Be serious. You don't really want it.

Have you running out the booth like your stereo was haunted.

Crying to clique like he caught me on the sneak tip.

I'm 3 bills. I'm only fast when I eat quick.

Dummy stay in your lane and quit with the reaching.

You can have my spot, once they start wanting weak shit.


Verse 2 (F.a.T)
We BASEINCly better than any competitior

put em in shredders comparing us never

we never let em we stay, one step ahead of em

all night sessions on the nights we resting

The nicest have checked in

I'll hold a bottle by the nozzle to ya throat

til ya chokin like a throttle off the smoke pass to milo

We rock stages, tracks go back ages, from fans to the

haters ima stay outrageous, cuz, They can't cuff me

ruff me up all you like I'll break you off, my arms a mic

I'm way too loud i'm hard to fight I might growl

while i'm stalkin the night they all be like DAMN!

Raging out, raised wild, crazy child, breakin out

Taze me, take me down, jake go from lazy to freakin clown

Cracked out, blacked out back in crazy town!

Verse 3
Try to push me out my spot, you'll need telekinesis.
If you put hands on me you'll be smelling your feces.
Knock the poop out you. Shock the truth out you.
Yall sound like you learned from a Dr. Seuss how-to.
Shyamalan rappers. All hype no payoff.
That's like dribbling and never getting a j off.
Yall get in where you fit. I came to make space.
From the bottom to the top is my aim to take B.A.S.E.
If I moved backwards for you actors and non-factors I'd have to be
Happily stuck in the yard of a tard factory
Sucking on a battery searching for a buzz.
But I'm not cuz I am who I always said I was.
A real emcee who will emcee
Got vocab to make Webster feel envy.
I. Skillz, M.D.  I own my own firm.
Sooner or later you clones are gon learn..to

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