Danger lyrics

Title: Danger

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


Losing must be your religion you gon end up martyred.

Got me thinking that hearing's the only thing you're hard of.

I ex-lax tracks. I'm a shit starter.

I could go T.O and tear your whole squad up.

I've forgotten better lines than you've ever thought of.

Yeah, I'm the type of dude that you want no part of.

Nope not a fraction of any of my faction.

When it comes to rapping, I'm sort of like Sebastian.

Bach.  To dumb it down, I'm a classic.

I've been wrecking beats and increasing all the traffic

Up and down the highways of information.

Command your attention like you're in formation.

Tried being humble I was feeling more fake than

Most of the rappers in your mixtape bin.

Got you wondering why I aint on your station.

Call them right now and tell them give you more B.A.S.E. Inc


Killing it. I should name this song open plot.

If ya hating my success, you gon have to cope a lot.

I'm an Iota with a flow that be molten hot.

Doing this like Vesuvius cuz I blow the spot.

All you see is the tip like ice cold floating rocks.

Think you're on my level but my tracks say, "No you're not."

You know I got the recipe for real behind bolt and lock.

You hope I stop before you go nuts and have to go to doc.

I'm on the block working so hard both shoulders popped.

You sitting there fizzing like living life as a soda pop.

That hopeless plot only ends with you getting poked a lot

While you're in the pen sporting bare-skinned polka dots

Stroking cocks. Flashier than no limit poker spots.

About to blow, like Jim Jones going to Koch.

Balling! But nobody's gonna watch

You taking more players than there's layers up in Photoshop.


I'll flatten your image; come back with a vengeance

To crack all your digits and slap you if happen to fidget.

You could lose all your limbs in a matter of minutes.

If I flowed any sicker, I could pass for endemic.

You don't want no problems.  My pathogen is systemic

For these so-called rappers that be having to mimic

The latest trends to get love like being wack up in tennis

What good are you thoughts if they lack independence?

Or better yet, is it art if they're mapping your finish?

It's crazy the way they be straight jacking the premise

As if their mind is uninhabited like having no tenants

While I'm sitting here with talent that fathoms no limits.


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