We Can Do More lyrics

Title: We Can Do More

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Wreckless Beats



We can do more! 

We can, We can, We can do more!

We can do more! 

We can, We can, We can do more!

[In Background] It's never too late to educate.

We gotta step up the pace and educate.


Verse 1

Before you start getting all woe is me

Whining that another man aint as po' as me.

You need to understand just what low could be.

Africans don't get half the dough you see.

We're all supposed to be, One World. One Fam.

But most of our brothers won't see one grand.

Even though I'm ONE man, I still got one plan

To keep the mic in my left and give them one hand.

For every G I see from rocking the mic.

I'm donating matching funds to alter their plight. 

I'm trying to use my tools and all my talents. 

To improve something besides my bank account balance.

I can't be flossing with expensive bobbles

While the Motherland's fight against AIDS is hobbled.

Can't say that I'm modeled after Martin or Malcolm

But I will do my part to improve the outcome.

Verse 2

This war is a euphemism for Bush-approved killing

If you, think any different then you be illing.

In the end, it's about dividends and Benjamins

Politicians aren't leaders. They're just businessmen.

My country and religion are headed the wrong direction.

Their hypocrisy has caused my insurrection.

Jesus didn't just save those that have clout

He helped people with homes and those without 

It's not a fight for divine rights. It's about dinar.

Not defending Stars & Stripes, but fuel for cars

We figure if they chase dollars they'll stop throwing rocks

Can't commit terrorism, if you're jostling stocks

I'm not saying being broke is gooooood, 

But money shouldn't change our focus bloooood.

It's liberty and justice for all that got dough.

But for those that don't they'll let you die slow.


Verse 3

If we'll fight so Iraqi women can get an education

Why can't we send adequate HIV medication

To the 30 million Africans currently infected

We'd rather sacrifice soldiers than have an inspection

Cuz that's not what imperials are aiming at,

You see there is no economic gain in that

The Middle East has control of all that black gold.

Bush's Do Boys don't care about a web of Black souls

64% of all new HIV infections

Come from Africa's sub-Saharan section

Half of those are kids aged 15 to 24.

A lack of resources only means there'll be plenty more.

Brothers infect their ladies. These ladies become mothers.

Mothers infect their babies cause we couldn't be trouble to

Increase education that could help prevent

29 million cases by 2010.


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