All I Need lyrics

Title: All I Need
Album: The Anomaly
Producer: Wreckless Beats



All I need is me, myself and my flow (my flow)

No crack. No pills. Cuz Infinite got skillz.

All I need is me, myself and my flow (my flow)

Don't need a little throne. Aint trying to be Capone.

All I need is me, myself and my flow (my flow)

No whips. No chains. No bricks. No fame.

All I need is me, myself and my flow (my flow)

And a little mic time. Pad and pen to write rhymes.


Verse 1

If you want some bling rap, go see Wayne and them.

But if you need something heavy I'm the one weighing them.

Been on the bench for a minute, getting garbage time.

Forced to listen to these bammas spitting garbage rhymes.

I've been touching mics since Mike's been touching kids.

Been a Bad Boy WAY before Puff and BIG.

But I flow for B.A.S.E. Inc, yours go in the basin.

Sure as rubbing is racing, I'm running the nation.

Still sleeping on my skillz? You have no idea.

Infinite brings more wood than four Ikeas.

Aint no flow round here, that I can't dry up.

I gave yall a sample but don't try us.

We have a no return policy. All sales are final.

Bootleg my vinyl; I'll impale your spinal.

You're just a shrimp on the barbe; ya hardly problems.

One verse in this song and I already solved ya.


Verse 2

This aint no candy rap but you're in love with the taste.

I never sold a rock but I'm known for BASE

I'm still rolling with the clique, but I can stack tracks solo.

Got dudes checking for me like a fat back homo. 

And no I'm not switching, but when I go in the kitchen.

I'm on a lyrical mission to destroy the competition.

As soon I get on the major scene.

I'll make these others rappers feel like the Rev Al Green.

"So tired of being alone." But they should've improved.

Went from having their own drink, to, hearing the boos.

They make their own liquor, I could bottle the sweat

That I produce in the booth and yall would never forget

That buzz you feel aint no hang over.

Feels like your wig's split like Dame and Hova

Born in North Carolina but I claim Nova

I'm more off the beaten path than your Range Rover.


Verse 3

Let's get into it. Infinite's spitting fluid

And ripping you little Druids with flames that been the bluest.

I'm that rootinest, tootinest, microphone shootinest

Talk crap like I rap from my gluteus

MAXimus. Don't be asking us. 

If it aint from Wreckless, your track's a bust.

Just cuz you don't SEE ME on TV eating SUSHIMI. 

Don't mean I aint gleaming the cube while yall dreaming.

I stay grinding. I can get some sleep when I die.

But right now I want a piece of the pie.

So I, push the limits to finish on top like Emmitt. 

No gimmicks. I never mimic. When I begin it I end it.

I'm more popular than sugar and sex times weed.

I make your mind bleed when I emcee.

Don't need any titles; don't need a throne.

Just me, myself, and my microphone.



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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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