Silverback Rap lyrics

Title: Silverback Rap ft. Joe Stu

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


Verse 1 - Joe Stu
I journey hard through the boulevard taking on scars
fantasizing about the money jewelry and cars
but once I woke up and saw it was a mirage
I became the oasis on my own jihad
I avoid the current barage of those who claim they the nicest
but out out music that became flotation devices
so I'm twice as smart three times as smooth
multiply that math when its time to calculate moves
its creatine rhyme scheme get your weight up
ate up the competition with my opposition straight up
the only thing thats needed is for people to believe and
follow me on unto the illustrious land of dreamers
so charismatic with words I bring heat
even for me to spit it burns I melt beats
so fire department make my booth flame retardent
so retarded with it my rhymes in special ed compartments
Hook - Joe Stu
This is Silverback rap. Bang ya chest when you hear it.
Your heart's beating fast whenever you get near it.
It's Joe Stu and Infinite, bringing it different.
Flows on point and the beats are magnificent.
Verse 2 - Infinite Skillz
Don't know about yall but my pen is lethal
Your chin is see-through. Not even your kin can keep you
From drowning in my gene pool, it seems full don't it?
Couldn't match my orbit if P let you clone it.
I deliver lyrical missiles; your chest is the test site.
Taking so many hits you'd guess it's a website.
Vocab tighter than baby snatch.
Yall claim you're sick too. Well, where's the rabies at?
I'm like Kobe with the ball; think I'm passing to yall.
You bricking; I make buckets. What you asking me for?
Get some clarity son. This aint no charity son.
I'm the Anomaly. You really can't compare me to none.
I'm not from Harlem but I'm starting a renaissance.
May not be the best, but we've got a resemblance.
I lead my troop like a silverback.
But no gorillas in our unit, you get killed like that.

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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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