Testosterone lyrics

Title: Testosterone

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


Verse 1

Yes sir! But I go ape.

I'm not gon wait, for others to put food on my plate.

On the mic I'm like Iverson, no practice needed.

At game time I flame rhymes and stay heated

I work harder than a backhoe; never play the back role.

Gruesome how I do some when I'm cruising in attack mode.

On beats I ride hard like the boys with the lassos.

Never been bashful. Always part asshole.

Not a doc but I got a world class flow.

Wrecking you like a veteran's expected to.

My records do, good for your body like vegetables. 

I'm just a dude, who's standing in the vestibule

Of greatness. My lateness aint reason hate this.

Uncontrollable flow like babies when they make piss.

I aint the best out, I will confess.

But don't it sound like I stayed at Holiday Inn Express.

Verse 2

Match my swag? You can't even match my nerd.

Homeboy I'm the shit. You aint worth half a tird.

I'll splatter all over your face and make you wipe up.

Then make your wife cut and moms put the pipe up.

You can't matchup; I got that work.

Only time you come this dope is when you're on that perc.

I don't be, popping pills. I'm dropping skillz.

I'll pull your card like go fish. You're not for real.

Get it? Not for reel? Go fish? Scan that back.

When you return to this spot you'll be like Damn that's phat.

But of course my friend. How could I be not?

My stretch marks up the spots where the choruses stop.

In the belly of this beast is a remarkable flow

Who offers to show you where most other authors won't go.

So watch your mouth or watch me bust it open.

Base up face down is how you'll be floating.


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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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