Rise lyrics

Title: Rise ft. Nice Krispy

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J



They're never gon stop me. Forever I'll rise.

Till my basement's in the sky.

I'll overcome whatever they try against me.

Verse 1

This system says your worth is the sum of your wealth.

You need to realize that it's the sum of yourself.

You can be severed from your loot, but character's a constant.

Your only shelter when life sends you bomb threats.

A few snafus left me pain tattoos.

Yet I still came through because I'm that dude

That was raised by his momma and molded by his daddy.

Thank God every day they, were the ones that had me.

I could have been birthed by much worse.

So I try to sprinkle to their love into this verse.

Taught as a young man we're judged by what we do.

First thing I learned in college was to keep a tight crew.

The man next to you could be your downfall

So I see you little haters but I stay from 'round yall.

I haven't always made the right choice.

But what I won't do is let you mute my voice.

Verse 2

You might think I'm famous but I know how I'm living.

So I keep working harder than that man in your mirror

You can try all you want, but you can't break my spirit.

Cuz it's holy and He told me one day I'd be near him.

So, I'ma catch pies, before I catch cases.

Won't see me in mug shots with yolk on my face and

Hair messed up. Looking straight faded.

I get dough legit and know that they hate it.

It's so motivating, but truth be shared.

I would hate me too cuz it's so unfair.

An embarrassment of riches was given to me at birth.

I see them as blessings, don't consider them a curse.

Every chance I get, I try to put in work.

Minimize regrets so when I'm finished here on Earth

I can safely say as my tape replays

I made these days something they'd say needs praise.

Verse 3 (Nice Krispy)

Can't stop, won't stop, gotta rise to the top

Cause ya girlfriend told me I'ma blow

And be bigger than the globe, So homey let it go

I ain't never gonna fall, and I ain't never gonna fold

forever I'ma ball, I thought I told ya'll

When I put my mind something it ain't nuttin at all

To get it did by the kid, and do it big til the talk

Becomes the walk, and I'm all up in it grinning with hawks

Just floating and coasting and going with the wind

With a breeze on my skin cause they said I'd never win

And that would be the reason why I'm giving you a glimpse

Of a dude on the move, with a clue and a pen

An instrumentyle…and a soul that'll spit

Like a magazine clip that ain't never gone quit

Til the sun gets eclipsed by a full blown moon

And it feels like 2012 every time that I step in the room,


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