Evolutionary Threat lyrics

Title: Evolutionary Threat

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


This is the closest to the truth you will get.

I'm Infinite Skillz the Evolutionary Threat

ET's back!  I'm evolved. 

Get involved. Or get embalmed.

Verse 1

I be, damaging tracks. You could say I'm beat boxing.

Red light flow so the streets keep stopping.

Watching, waiting for my next new concoction.

Chatter speeding up like they're working at an auction.

If I rapped into a mirror, my face would melt

When I look back at my old tracks I embrace myself.

Then outdo me.  Yeah I do be trying to erase myself.

My fam was like, Jeremy you should pace yourself.

I'm like Usain Bolt cuz I just race myself.

So on top of your list is where I place myself.

No permission needed. Yes! I am a bit conceited.

If you think you want to test, guess the fishies get some feeding.

Leave ya bleeding. And no, there won't even be a mark.

Flow something like what kept Noah from leaving the ark.

The Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Yall can have it. Just pay me for clearing your turf.

Verse 2

Banging the block is my favorite sport.

Only time you're pro motion is Wii Sports Resort.

Or maybe that was Tiger Woods Golf or something.

All I know is yall need to come off of something.

The pills or the weed, your deal or that speed.

Evolution states in the future the real will succeed.

In the present time, it's hard to spot the truth.

Every rapper out saying they got padlocks on the booth.

They're all so crazy. Yeah they're all so sick.

I guess that means I'm like All Pro Vick.

Take my money lock me up? I'll still be back.

Most dangerous on the field, I'll still be that.

If one punch connects, that's a whole lot of stitches.

If two hits land they'll have to notify your missus.

Best believe it'll be closed casket dude.

Pen game scalping bammas like Apaches do.


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