Extra Shy lyrics

Title: Extra Shy
Album: The Anomaly
Producer: Mr. J


Verse 1

You get, extra high till you think you can fly.

I, testify, you'll be the next to die.

Your so called friends say it's harmless.

But last time I checked they weren't no pharmacists.

Seems like these days I'm an odd emcee

Cuz I don't use the N-Word and I don't smoke weed

"But it's from the Earth son!" So are cigarettes.

So is syphilis. Don't be ridiculous. 

Popping them pills gone get you bottled.

I don't need narcotics to spit full throttle. 

I could, do the dew, drink rum or water.

And spit bars that could pull Bush's daughters.

And I aint conservative,

But my superlative

Is the emcee with lyrics that are mostly murderous.

Yep I said both of them. Believe I be stroking them.

Like oars in the ocean. But yall keep smoking them

White girls. And sucking on that glass dick.

You're faker than silicone breasts implants kid.

Only lines I do are in these Hip Hop classics.

Over beats Mr. J digitally transmits.


Verse 2

Yall talk about your money, but inside you're still broke.

What kind of man would decide to sell coke

To his own people then make songs glorifying it.

No I aint buying it. You're lucky you aint frying yet.

I don't care that you used to sell coke

Don't give a damn that you used to be broke.

Take that whiny fake thug talk back to your stoop

And stay out the booth.

Living that trife life is not okay.

The kiddies even know drugs are bad, mmmkay?

You might sell that powder but your flow is confectioners.

You gotta use fear cuz, no one's respecting ya.

When yall were on the block doing that splitting up grams thing.

I was here in the booth just doing the damn thing.

When you were shooting hollow tips

And getting fiends to swallow sips

I was getting scholarships

From, multiple colleges.

Excelled in athletics but 

My mind is where my power was.

Knew what true knowledge was

Before you knew who your father was

Formulated my own style

Didn't have to borrow one.

Was born to lead. Never could be a follower.


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