Drum Major lyrics

Title: Drum Major

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J



Drum major. I'm a Drum Major.

Drum major. I'm a Drum Major.

I'm a Drum Major; my life's the band.

You can be one too. Just say you can.

Say I (I) Can (Can)

Be a drum major.


Verse 1

Before I heard this beat, I was already marching.

Burning German heat and an all day arson

I'm sparking with light that is incandescent

Sometimes aggressive but infinitely impressive.

I walk down main with my chest all out.

Chilling with my crew. We let the rest thaw out.

Put my best paw out every time I go in.

They said I couldn't do it. Well guess I showed them.

I write my own scripts, call my own shots.

Don't believe in luck but good karma's on top.

Work hard and won't stop not giving a cockypot

What others think is hot and keep making your speakers pop.

I am not, gonna sacrifice creativity

Cuz another entity says that they aint feeling me.

Conducting, their destruction when I bust in.

Moving in unison with J's newest production.


Verse 2

When I march, they hit me with a Danke schön

They see you coming you get nothing but Auf Wiedersehen

How could we be the same? They don't even like you.

Every moment with me, they're saying is delightful.

Spiteful? No but this comparison's embarrassing.

Like dropping N bombs in the music of our heritage.

Imperative that you elevate what they expect.

Or that chain might as well be a noose around your neck.

"Cut the check." Yo but first, time for yall cut that bull.

It's like you lost your wisdom 'round the time your teeth were pulled.

You're a fool, if you think you aint being judged.

No chance. One glance and they've hauled you off in cuffs.

Mentally cuz their ignorance is simply

Reinforced by stereotypes of infamy.

Be yourself, but learn to play their games yo.

Create a path and they'll never call your lane slow.


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