Struggle 2.0 lyrics

Title: Struggle 2.0
Album: Late To The Party
Producer: Mr. J



Since my first crawl. No wall's been too tall. I'm 

Built for the struggle.

They can mock my town or knock me down but I'm 

Built for the struggle.

This pain won't last. This too shall pass. I'm

Built for the struggle. 

Plot your own escape. It's never too late when you're

Built for the struggle.


Verse 1

Middle child. Used to fight for eye contact.

But now I contact thousands with my tracks.

My story isn't rags to riches. 

But much like you I'm trying to fight through

All the poison in my path.  I'm avoiding the trap

And them boys with the straps.

I just want to be heard. 

That's what I deserve. I've been putting in work.

Trying to make an impression that'll never leave Earth.


Verse 2

Mom had a baby brother who died on the field so

When she said that game's dangerous, she meant it for real.

Pops said that he was fast cuz he aint like getting hit.

I wanted the contact cuz them boys were talking shit. Like

There goes the big head kid.

My plan was to use my helmet to deliver some licks.

Pretty soon the same ones who were bumping their gums

Started dapping me up when we busted a run.

And yeah they still had jokes

But I learned that words & rocks can't stop my hopes. 

Went from O-line with it to giving you my lyrics

As a way to clear a path to you having high spirits.

Yeah. And that's word  to Matt D. 

Plus your whole crew. Bob B. and Jacci

ROSS! And your sisters also.

The way you Make N.O.I.S.E. has just been awesome.

I identify with those who've openly chosen to

Break free from holding themselves from owning

Every moment by showing their demons the door and

I'm inspired by that. I admire all that.


Verse 3

It's funny how things turn out.

Some of the cool kids now are the burn outs.

I might've been but that was never my focus.

Had a plan that don't include being hopeless.

Who can stop him? How could I not win? 

They say it's lonely at the top so I brought kin!

Family first, till I'm crammed in a hearse.

Not fitting your transmission, better slam in reverse.

Control your life manually. Connect at least annually.

And you'll be, better for the effort cuz your family

Is irreplaceable. If they should go

I would probably shed tears till the basement's full. 

Can't outpace yourself, when you race yourself.

At the end of my days I gotta face myself.

That's what they deserve and why I'm putting in work.

Trying to make an impression that'll never leave Earth.


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