White Boy lyrics

Title: White Boy
Album: Late To The Party
Producer: Mr. J



White boy you don't belong.

You need to move along.

What are you doing here, white boy.


Verse 1

I grew up, far from rich but not quite hood.

So I didn't fit in quite that good

Too black for the soccer moms to really feel comfortable.

Other black kids use to call me a Huxtable.

My folks are educated; my mom has her master's

My dad was an officer, enlisted Army fashion.

Wanted to be like them. I was far from a bastard.

My early ambition was to be a sportscaster.

When grades came out I impressed my folks.

But with some classmates that just brought jokes.

I was like, JESUS, everybody hurling rocks.

Really had my head spinning. Used to wish my world would stop.

I was smart and played ball so they called me Urkel.

And made sure I felt square amongst all the circles.

I could take a little teasing but they never stopped playing.

Everywhere I went I heard everybody saying


Verse 2

The jokes stayed lame. And I got bitter.

My growth spurt came. And I got bigger.

Thought maybe things would change. Don't know how I figured. 

If it wasn't white boy, they called me big head ______

Angry young man, thought rage was my best bud

Hate wouldn't solve it so I thought I would test love

Black girls were a rarity. They said I wasn't thug.

Felt like I had leprosy. I couldn't get a hug.

But every single time I dated outside my race.

They were the first to violate my personal space.

So when white chicks caught feelings, it wasn't worth the drama

And it usually got deaded by their racist dads and mammas.

Senior year came and I thought I had them charmed.

Messed around and got voted as the King of the Prom.

OW OW!! But the joke was on me.

Still odd man out when they put on a slow beat.

They sang…


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