End of My Days lyrics

Title: End of My Days

Album: Late To The Party

Producer: Mr. J



As long as my pen can get raised

You will never see the end of my days.


Verse 1

Step off the ledge and levitate, hover as I celebrate

Mistakes are what I never make while you redo the devil's fate.

Fumbling while you're plummeting going numb again I feel bad for you.

Your bumbling must be humbling that is something I haven't had to do.

I'm sort of like the sun. Even when you can't see me. 

I'm still bringing heat. Other stars want to be me.

Just a polar bear spitting out solar flares.

So sick, making DJs hold their hair.

Putrid. Flow stupid. Make them loop it.

I'm goofing off, but the fan base is steady trooping.

Make N.O.I.S.E.! Here's your only order boys.

Stomp on haters till their faces look like corduroys.

Groovey! My life isn't like the movies.

Yall got funny glasses. I intend to keep it 2-D.

Too dope. Too destined to destroy.

I'm Infinite. Father Time meet defeat boy.


Verse 2

This is not illmatic but writers are still at it

With prescriptions to fill that are iller than pill addicts.

And their drug of choice, is this brother's voice

You disagree and you probably be hugging boys.

The doc said that my mouth's too small.

So they knocked out teeth, now I knockout beats.

Choose to block out beef. But I aint vegetarian.

I'm just not trying to add to the cemetery and

I don't feel it's worthy of my focus.

My fans would rather I work on my next opus.

You don't believe in me? I don't believe in you.

I'll ignore you like the folks who conceived you do.

I like attention but miss me with that drama please.

I deserve the same attitude that your momma sees. 

That's respect, or you're gon end up on your knees.

And get a check for some ER trauma fees.


Verse 3

I spit that crack every time. Got the dopest bars.

Deliver gifts every show, like Oprah's on.

I got heat right here. What's a brother need a beach for?

I work the block while you're waiting on a free throw.

I aint too old to ball. Call me D. Fish.

When crunch time comes, all you see is swish.

Let's be real. The only time you leave the bench.

Is when a starter gets hurt and he needs a lift.

You might have Pro Tools, but you're not a go-to

You're just dragging balls. I'm the Goku. 

Cop a squat. You aint messing with the Kakarot.

I got more lines than the Pentagon parking lot.

All bars. No cells.

You need a jet pack just to ride my coattails.

That goes double if you still rapping bout coke sales.

I flow, and I aint talking boat sails.


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