Paper Chase lyrics

Title: Paper Chase
Album: The Anomaly
Producer: Slimer



I do it for the paper, but I aint run of the mill.

I'm on my grind dog trying to pick up some bills.

Never thought I'd be the type to have to work the block.

But I'd do a lot worse though if this work gets stopped.

Verse 1

Got a call from my connect, said it's time to make checks.

So I hit the deck. I've been waiting to get next.

Had some work for me, down F-L-A.

Didn't want to leave V-A, but I needed that pay.

Couldn't be 25 and still living with moms.

Pockets may have been deep, but she had short arms.

Plus the bill collectors kept holding out their palms.

Equation more volatile than hydrogen bombs.

Told my girl I had to leave and damn that hurt.

AC, I still love you for what that's worth.

Put you on that perch. You're the end of that search.

Cuz it's all about the work when I get to that turf.

When I graduated school, I thought I couldn't lose.

But they told my knowledge wasn't something they could use.

Had me backed up in the corner so I came out swinging.

Went from Morehouse scholar to down south slinging.


Verse 2

Had one phone number and a single ambition.

Didn't move for the women. Didn't move for the  fishing.

I knew two souls when I got to the state

Had to hustle hard to keep something hot on my plate.

Hit St. Pete at night; set up shop the next day. (Grinding)

I told yall VA boys don't play.

Had to call a bunch of times before they'd let me serve lines.

Said I had to start small, gave me the after school grind.

Didn't know their names but the students knew mine.

Still had VA plates so I wasn't hard to find.

Got my celly switched to local so they'd know where to go to.

Cruised around riding dirty but I stayed away from Popo.

Always on the prowl like a preying mantis.

Brought new meaning to the phrase, "Big Man On campus."

All I needed was a chance, now I'm all up in this paper man.

Getting mad respect like Aretha Frank-Uhh- lan


Verse 3

Distribution was happy cuz I flipped work quickly.

If they needed it moved fast they learned they could pick me.

Money was coming lovely so I paid some debts.

Couldn't say I loved cash but we made some sex.

I bought a big truck and moved closer to the water.

Felt good to be living like I always thought I ought ta. 

Now some of yall are still thinking I was doing dirt.

But that phone call I got was for newsprint work.

I could never sell drugs. That would let down my relatives.

When I said my connect I was talking about my editor.

There's perfect explanation for why the kids knew me.

I worked for St. Pete Times on the high school beat.

It might've sounded like I had the dope game smothered

But I was the man when it came to sports page  coverage.

Never missed a deadline and the copy was flawless.

So I never had to resort to something lawless.


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