Grind & Grow lyrics

Title: Late To The Party

Album: Late To The Party

Producer: Mr. J



Grind Gradually. Grow Naturally.

B.A.S.E. Inc baby! We're The Hip Hop Factory.

Whatever the product. You need it we got it. (Like what)

Heavenly beats and modern day prophets.


Verse 1

Like a horse I'm bred. My flow is cornfed.

Your style is cornbread. I will eat that, beat that.

I heard your flow. I control alt delete that. 

Shut it down like running when the D's stacked.

I'm one of the emcees that Knows the REAL.

And how the weight of a nation on my shoulders feels.

Still tricking if you got it.  Don't lie to yourself.

Them dames gon disappear when you say bye to your wealth.

I aint balling in the sense that I got chains and cars.

I'm changing stars. Your purpose aint the same as ours.

My lamest bars? Better than your best could be.

So testing me should never be your recipe.

I'll upset your stomach and your rep will be

In worse shape than my waist till you rest in peace.

You can, ask the judges or the referee 

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is my destiny.


Verse 2

Your flow's got blemishes. I'm the show finisher.

Not a dictator but, when it comes to penmanship

I reign like a cumulus cloud.

Cuz my brain is where the stewardess chows.

I'm mid-flight. My midnight's a big light.

Grammar issues aside my rhymes getting did right.

Yall are foolish. I try to play the fool less.

And use this music as a tool to lose stress.

My ancestors said mirror me back.

I'm dealing with that while others are revering the trap.

You feeling me black?... I know you really don't.

Until you choose to win I'm afraid you really won't.

You want the quicker route, but you forget about

The joy in the journey and the answers that you figure out.

It's all right there for you to see

When you grind gradually and grow naturally.


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