Primitive lyrics

Title: Primitive ft. Joe Stu, Nom, & Spindiana Jones

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J



Microphone check 1, 2. what tha business is?

We're all starters but most of all we're finishers.

We're not prophets but we came to make witnesses

And update those who've been thinking too primitive

Verse 1 (Joe Stu)

Me and the flow ugly color blnd remain matchless

I just tell ladies that i'm gradually attractive

And even while i practice the earth pause causing the axis

To go off whatever normal route is

See i'm the shit that you ain't do hings that you cant

If you religious you'll remember what revelations was talking bout

Imma pass out chin mirrors then they'll watch they mouth

You need some cliff notes know the level i play bout

You know joe handout whenever I flow

But never mind me i'm practicing my heisman pose

You can wear all kinds of clothes

That could never cover your ass to my various types of blows

So you got a cult following i got a cult ready to do some bullet swallowing when i Say pull the


Let me allitterate literally you little than me

The points i make are major when you playing in the little league

I dont ask if they feeling me

Verse 2 (Nom)

I got hip hop state of mind, that think so lyically

But typically the delivery got'em all feelin me

The industry energy instantly bring but gimmickry

I'm not just rhyming word i hope yall i hearing me

Fuckin wit them gangster! can be a target dog!

With the bulleye on your face like the target dog!

Now thats what you would tell me right, but you fakin

You couldn't get me shakin if i was an iphone application 

Before i self destruct, on this..mic i'ma end you 

Spray on fifty's coloage cos the power ain't in you

Wit a note on your cd like the itunes logo

And tell you that the music that you makin is a no no

Money shit, drug shit, rappin about silly hoes

This is world star hiphop no videos

Give me a mic, booth, and beats by dres

And i'm killin every got damn beat by jay 


Verse 3 (Spindiana Jones)

Every rapper is a sarah.

Pale in comparison.

Say it three times in the mirror that your staring in

Get ya man sonned like Marilyn

I'm tearing in

And if u win then I swear again I'll never swear again shit!

Yall men staring at goats

This tracks oscar worthy

Venomous quotes

We the new rap presidents popular vote

So stand still and salute when the leader approach


I'm about to blast off ten fold

Get your links jacked like sasquatch and his kinfolk

Louis v ascot 100s in the billfold

Send your click this way man you getting rick rolled

I was raised in ga by the good book

All my friends listened to rock and loved garth brooks

So when i heard that first jay cd i knew what i was supposed to be…  Spindy

Verse 4 (Infinite Skillz)
You aint gotta go to church but you're hearing the truth.
Don't need dna to know i'm not like you.
I do it for the brothers that were putting in work
Instead of being out on the strip, chasing them skirts
I do it for the students that were getting their grades
Nose deep in the books on the weekend days.
For the kids in the burbs that love this music too
Even though they don't look like me or you.
For my folks for keeping me from being a total fool.
Making sure my butt aint all that's shown to you
Now that i'm back to batching it, you cats aint scratching this.
The track is immaculate, lyrics are too passionate
I fashion this, flow in the image of the packing biz
I give you what you want delivered straight to your addresses
Aint nobody matching what i do in the booth.
Rhyming like Clark Kent's been wearing my suits.
It's how I do!

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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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