On My Grind lyrics

Title: On My Grind

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Wreckless Beats



I'm on… my grind.

I'm on my grind.

I'm on… my grind, at the front of the battle lines.


Verse 1

I'm slinging newsprint to keep gas in my Ford.

Can't relate to a song filled with things I can't afford?

The music I produce can change your mood

But when you get on a track, I change the tune.

If you get air play you owe the DJ a favor.

But they be calling me when they need some new flavor

I get beats imported from North of Yonkers

And spit lyrics that are beyond bonkers.

Considered a rookie but that's just a label.  I

Diversified my bars so my stacks gonna be stable.

They trying to jook me but no one's gonna be able.

I feel like a buffet I got so much on my table.

In the daytime, I write news for TV.

When night falls some of yall can see me

On the sidelines getting my reporter on.

Or in the studio getting my recording on.


Verse 2

I got the dedication of a Muslim on Jihad.

No I got the dedication of my brother Jerrod.

The youngest of the 3 but came first in education.

Now he's about to go to school to learn medication.

There'll be no hesitation from here on out.

So all the haters in my way just clear on out

I'm like Mike Tyson before Robin Givens

Young bull in the game full of red ribbons.

Dangerous like running on thin ice with scissors.

Flow so cold I gave the North Pole shivers

Rap part time but I spit like I live this.

You'd think I wear suits the way I handle my business.

Wreck did the track so you know that it's serious.

But it's hard making noise when nobody's hearing us.

I see other crews make it, and though I'm not jealous.

You can't tell us they can match my acapellas.


Verse 3

We're back up in this trick like repeat sex.

Yall need me and Wreck, but we need them checks.

I'm done eating potatoes, it's gravy time.

Been a whole lot of dues, I paid me mine.

You can try to stop us if you want (if you want).

But, we aint never gonna punt (gonna punt).

That's like me buying diamond fronts (diamond fronts) (Never happen)

I'm not the type of brother that stunts (that stunts).

Money aint bad it's what ya do with it (do with it).

And yall be running out to buy some jewel with it (jewels with it)

It's a waste if you just gonna act a fool with it (fool with it)

Why not try to make moves with it (moves with it)

No mouths to feed besides my own.

But I got stack bills that's overgrown.

And someday I would like own a home. So I 

Been on my grind since I got my shoulder sewn.



I want to take this opportunity to apologize. I know some of yall have been getting a little heated because I don't hang out as much.

But you gotta understand. This is high stakes baby. Success comes to those that work for it. I didn't forget about yall. I'm just on my grind you know?


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