Game lyrics

Title: Game ft. Joe Stu

Album: Slave Music

Producer: Mr. J


Hook (Joe Stu)

It's called game 

when life plays you in the clink

It's called game

when you lose if you dont think

It's called game

when you can get ghost in a blink

It's called game

you see its game

you either learn to swim or you sink

Verse 1

His skillz were mad scary; got nine yards a carry

He could, tote the rock but his hopes were stopped

On a, third and three when he blew out his knee

Leg twitching as he yelled "Father God why me?"

It was less than a week from signing day.

When that off-tackle sweep took his smile away.

No more going to college before making the league.

Cuz as fast as he was, he could barely read.

He figured it was a skill he'd rarely need.

And school was only where he'd temporarily be.

A young man's sad story, but they're all the same.

When the only thing you got, is game.

Verse 2

He went from paycheck to paycheck and play pet to play pet.

Talk'em into anything, except having safe sex.

No condoms for him. It messed with the feel.

He'd stick it quite quick if they were on the pill.

Ladies called him Black & Decker cuz their draws he'd drill.

A shorty got pregnant he'd pay the abortion bill.

Never once giving thought that these whores were ill.

Got burned like eating grub right off the grill.

Went from pimping to penicillin to penning his will.

Died from AIDS at 28. We remember him still.

A young man's sad story, but they're all the same

When the only thing you got is game.

Verse 3

Brenda had a baby. But Betty had a body.

That made the boys holla so she knew she was a hottie.

Many would call but the chosen were few.

If you didn't have dough she wasn't rolling with you.

One of these Dons already had a dame.

But he still tried to boop Betty just the same.

When the word got out, his old bird wil'd out.

Put hot lead in Betty made her turds slide out.

Revenge was quick, her methods were drastic

Betty stopped being cute. They had to close her casket.

A young girl's sad story, but they're all the same,

When the only thing you got is game.

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