On Your Life lyrics

Title: On Your Life

Album: The Anomaly

Producer: Mr. J


Verse 1

I see you little bammas bought some chains.

But, I kind of wonder what you thought would change.

Your links might glitter but your raps lack luster.

Watching Flip Mode's the only time I clap for Bustas

And just like him, I stay next level.

I came to edutain, not to play with ice bezels.

Money's an asset but yall act like asses.

Spending three, four hundred on sunglasses

Instead of using your loot to buy up stock,

Yall run to the lot to get cars with knock.

Got your money going backwards like your Sprees

Unadvertised facts you refuse to see.

Steady popping tags, but your credit is horrible

And that kind of behavior is deplorable.

Its bad enough you're flossing, but you fake floss on top of that.

Slim got Houston. VA? I'm the boss of that.

Verse 2

This aint the first time I've had to tell you.

You're barking up the wrong tree dog, I can't smell you.

When you try to write a rhyme, that chain won't help you.

If you think I'm impressed, you should be in Bellevue.

You want to do that? Read The Wine of Astonishment

Or put my whole cock in your mouth without vomiting.

Gaudy jewels aint a sign of accomplishment.

I'll save that for when I'm making marital promises.

Learn something. Fertilize your dome piece

Instead of buying rims on a rent-to-own lease.

I'd be borderline suicidal if that was the only

Way that I could get a broad to bone me

Little Johnny bought a chain. Little Johnny bought a grill.

But somebody should tell Johnny that nobody thinks he's real.

It can get you Candy paint and Pimpstar wheels.

Silly Johnny! Money can't buy skillz.

Verse 3

I'm going against the grain like the Atkins diet.

Yall can spend your loot on jewels but this cat won't buy it.

Never felt the need to rock ornaments.

I'd rather win Hip Hop tournaments.

I will never rock a grill. I will never cop ice.

I aint doing none of that.  Put it on your life.

Yall can keep living like you don't have needs.

I'm more like Serena before the blonde weave

Not at all broke but far from blinging it.

Versatile with this racket and down for swinging it.

Right now I'm bringing it. I'm bout to stack majors.

At my doorstep. They're all gon catch vapors.

I'm the microphone mangler. Studio strangler.

With flows tighter than some jeans made by Wrangler.

I create for those with mobile minds

And keep my game tighter than overtime.

Always knew Infinite had Skillz.

I've been grinding since the 90's. Never missed a meal.

Got too many hustles to be jocking a deal.

It's ya boy Infinite with Mr. J on the wheels.


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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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