No Idea lyrics

Title: No Idea
Album: The Anomaly
Producer: Ansane


If you think I'm gonna get served, cuz I'm from the suburbs then, 


If you, think I'm a nerd cuz my vocabs absurd then, 


If you heard me flip these words and still think I got no nerve, then, 


If you think I aint got SKILLZ, you's a bamma for real and, 



Verse 1

Don't sleep on the boy cuz I came from the picket fence

When it comes to writing, Infinite gotta sicker sense.

I can always look in my wallet and see dead people.

Even if I see sales more scarce than red people.

Cuz I'm self-sufficient both units always stressed that.

I made sure I had a place where I could rest at 

I'm the best at covering all my bases

I've been doing that way before I made up B.A.S.E. Inc.

I do more than flow. Got hustles like Pete Rose.

Without selling a sac or trafficking kilos.

I pave my own way; yall gone need roads.

I'm diverse like Cube but yall just Deebos.

I'm from the Burbs trick. We don't rock bandanas.

Role model's Colin Powell not Tony Montana.

Aint just about the hood, this is bigger than that.

No flows in the burbs? How you figuring that?


Verse 2

Be clear. B.A.S.E. Inc be repping the burbs.

From Virginia all the way to the land of the Serbs.

And Da Burg might be where I got some endorsement.

But half my beats come from over in Deutschland. 

Rode with the Beastie Boys and got intergalactic

Tried to follow and your muscles got stricken with lactic

Acid. Been that sick since they invented plastic

Bout to get 5 mics like stage hands for Jurassic

Classics is what I been making lately.

So focused, like Kodak paper baby.

It's only right I graduated to a pen and a pad.

I had love for this music since I was a lad.

When mixtapes were actually on cassettes.

And emcees weren't rhyming bout diamond baguettes.

It may have started in the hood, but let's get this clear.

Hip Hop is worldwide. You have no idea.


Verse 3

Don't get it twisted cuz I'm a pacifist.

I'll flip philosophies and change into a masochist. 

You don't want to battle, that's occupational suicide.

I'll turn the heat up and leave it baking with you inside

This booth of flames, Got no use for lames

You're not invincible, I suggest you refrain

From all that jaw jacking before I start tapping

My Louisville Slugger upside your ball cap and

Make you look a fool as you lose your stool

It's gonna be a problem if I lose my cool.

I make my nemesis emesis. Look it up.

To all the DJs listening, hook it up.

Cuz I go insane when I get tracks from Ansane.

Don't backstroke but I'll outflow your swim team

Never been bashful, I go against grain.

Yall might think I'm chicken we'll see who switch lanes.


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*All lyrics written by Infinite Skillz unless otherwise stated.



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