6 Disc Discography Pack

6 Disc Discography Pack
6 Disc Discography Pack
6 Disc Discography Pack
6 Disc Discography Pack
6 Disc Discography Pack
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1. The Anomaly - Infinite's debut album, The Anomaly is a path clearing journey that helps restore a much-needed balance to the Hip Hop community. The 19-song disc includes the hit single Headband Game as well as critically acclaimed tracks like Epitaph, Stay Ready, and Extra Shy. The Anomaly is music that makes you move and meditate. Production work done by DJ Wreckless, Mr. J, Sean Divine, Slimer, and many more. 

2. Open Season Mixtape - 15 tracks packed full of quotables including Smokers Only, the cult favorite featuring Jake Jansen (F.a.T) and DZK. Mr. J, Scott Holt and Todd Hamburger also provide production.

3. Swoon Music EP - Produced entirely by Mr. J, this genre defining disc is truly entire family friendly as it is completely curse free. But don't worry. There is nothing Disney about it.

4. Slave Music - This 17 track opus shows off the synergy between emcee and producer as Mr. J and Infinite Skillz flawlessly compliment each other in a way not seen since DJ Premier and the late Guru. Features include Jake Jansen, Joe Stu, Spindiana Jones, Nice Krispy ,and Nom.

5. You're All Invited - This 2012 offering mixes original songs like Rogaine and That's A G with clever remakes of some industry favorites. It also includes features from Kasey Maye, Joran Slane, and Lu Cipher as well as production from Spindiana Jones, Scott Holt and Mister KA.

6. Late To The Party - This 18 track album is the third project long collaboration between Infinite Skillz and producer Mr. J. The duo follows their successful formula seen earlier on Slave Music and the genre busting Swoon Music EP. On the backdrop of Mr. J's versatile, yet consistently excellent production, Infinite Skillz gives listeners insight into the odd duality growing up as a middle class minority in America forces upon you. He plays equal parts honor roll student and class clown as brings a message to the party and some fun to the thinkers.


All discs other than The Anomaly contains CD audio and MP3 Data.

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