Infinite Skillz makes timeless music that would be good in any era. He is entertaining whether he is telling a story or proving a point. Infinite brings a message to the party and some fun to the thinkers simultaneously. This allows him to reach young listeners as well as folks who were teenagers when Hip Hop began. As a middle child with a history of peacemaking, he aims to increase social harmony through Hip Hop with his original era bending sound.

Like many of his fellow military brats, Infinite has learned to relate to all kinds of people. This skill has translated musically into storytelling that resonates with fans from all different walks of life. Perceptive listeners can hear a mix of southern and east coast influences that comes from partially growing up in Northern Virginia and attending school at Morehouse in Atlanta, GA.

The work ethic he has displayed in pursuit of his goals has already helped him gain considerable attention. He has earned song placements with ESPN, Under Armour, and the Tampa Bay Rays. Infinite was named by the readers of the Tampa Bay area Creative Loafing magazine as the 2012 Best local Hip Hop act just a year after winning the critic's pick. He won the same award again in 2014.

Infinite started writing lyrics while attending high school in Virginia. As the founder of his own independent label B.A.S.E. Inc Entertainment, Infinite is committed to putting in work on his craft and creating quality music and events that fans can feel good about supporting. His unwavering dedication to his dreams, his family and the Hip Hop community is an inspiration to his growing fan base.

Work In Progress: 1st Shift is the triumphant return of Infinite Skillz after an extended hiatus that twice saw the Virginia native become a father. Infinite reunites with producer Mr. J to provide their unique brand of relatable rap and share an aural introduction to his continued growth. The project also features production from the Hot Box Pro that allows the emcee to display his impressive versatility and timeless vocal clarity.

Late To The Party is an 18 track album that is the third project long collaboration between Infinite Skillz and producer Mr. J. On the backdrop of Mr. J's versatile and consistently excellent production, Infinite Skillz gives listeners insight into the odd duality growing up as a middle class minority in America forces upon you. He plays equal parts honor roll student and class clown showing he means business without taking himself to seriously.

Infinite's debut album, The Anomaly, is a path-clearing journey aimed at restoring a much-needed balance to the Hip Hop community.  He draws on his Army brat upbringing to connect with people of all walks of life. His list of collaborators includes an untold number of emcees and producers. Fellow B.A.S.E. INC member Mr. J produced both the Swoon Music EP, and the Slave Music street album in their entirety. 





05/03/2007 - The Anomaly (Commercial Release)

09/11/2007 - Swoon Music (EP)

10/30/2007 - Open Season (Mixtape)

01/05/2010 - Slave Music (Street Album)

04/01/2012 - You're All Invited (Mixtape)

12/31/2013 - Late To The Party (Commercial Release)



  • Had music placed on ESPN and ESPNU
  • Made the song "Rays Up" which was played at Tampa Bay Rays games during the 2012 and 2013 seasons and is the catalyst for one of the teams major ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Created the annual Homegrown Hip Hop series which for 8 years helped legitimize the St. Petersburg Hip Hop scene
  • Founding member of A2BAY Hip Hop
  • Done shows with GZA, Masta Killa, & Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, KRS One, DMX, Cypress Hill, Pharcyde, Canibus, Killer Mike, Black Sheep, Mistah Fab, & more.



Mr. J, born Jeffrey Fischer, is a music producer/artist from Ruhrpott Germany. He strives for creativity and originality while always trying to use traditional elements of the genre like raw drums, sampling, scratching and so on. His goal is to make classic stuff people are still bumping years after its relaase.

Mr. J aka Burnin German has produced and mixed numerous albums, EPs and mixtapes including his own G.E.R.M.AN. Compilation. He is one of the best-known German producers in the U.S. and is highly sought after for his versatile production and mixing skills. He is also part owner of the production company Blessed By The Beats.


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